About Cairde na dTraonach

Fáilte a chairde! The Corncrake LIFE project is underway and we are excited to get every member of the community on board. We are actively working with the local communities in our target areas across Donegal, Mayo and Galway. Historically, the corncrake was found throughout Ireland but sadly their unmistakeable call has been lost- but not forgotten. The significant loss of the corncrake population coupled to the emigration of young people away from rural Ireland has meant that many young generations have also lost the opportunity to co-habit with this species and preserve traditional farming activities.

Cairde na dTraonach is a platform to bring people together by working as a meitheal for the land. No matter how close or far away you are from a corncrake, everyone can now make a contribution. Even if you have not heard a corncrake in your lifetime, you can be part of Cairde na dTraonach and help in:

  • Corncrake conservation
  • Preservation of traditional farming activities
  • Increasing biodiversity

As part of this meitheal, collecting seeds is one of the first things you can be part of. We are planning to create several Early-Late Cover (ELC) patches at the end of each summer and a vast amount of seeds will be needed to ensure their success.

Learn more about Seed Collection.